We talked about how much palm oil benefitted us by providing nutrients to our body. It also provides businesses to the plantation since the demand is higher. However, definitely the question of production will rise as soon as the demand gets higher. How much a palm tree can produce the red pulp? What do the farmers do to make them grow faster?

Definitely, use the inorganic fertiliser that works rapidly over time, and the palm trees would produce more pulp that can be used for making more palm oil. In this way, your business will grow quickly and you can make more money with it. Besides, the growth process for the organic fertilisers is quite good and it is just the time it took usually become the issue.

Now let’s talk about the inorganic fertilisers. What is the specialty of it? Well, as I said before, it works pretty quick! Yet, it depends on your plant too because sometimes it will get a fortune of benefits and sometimes it will turn into a disastrous event. Not only that would be the cons and pros of inorganic fertilisers. Another con of it is that inorganic fertilisers contain high levels of nutrients, and it is sensitive for the plants’ roots. Due to that, you have to be careful when you use them.

It is advised that you should not use them during the rainy seasons. It is because of the heavy rain able to dissolve the fertiliser easily and then the fertiliser will be absorbed by the soil easily to an extent it will reach the roots. Once that happened, the root will burnout eventually due to the chemicals that contain in inorganic fertilisers. This could happen even if you’re over watering your plants. Moreover, the chemical can create a toxic concentration to the soil where you can’t use the same soil to plant different plants. You have to transplant the soil into natural soil by undergoing certain processes.

Lastly, beli baja organik Malaysia assure you to buy organic fertiliser in Malaysia for your plants if you want to save your palm plants.

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